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I'm Ready!

You're not doing it wrong...

I see you...

You Dare Greatly

You've learned how to be a Badass

You live out the 5 Second Rule

You know the Universe Has Your Back

In your head, you "know" all these things but something is missing...


Do you ask yourself...

-How do I have a hard conversation with my partner, mother, parent?

-What do healthy boundaries with my family look like?

-What does it mean to live on my terms?

-How do I really know what I want?

-Is it selfish to go after what I want?

-How can I use my voice more in my close relationships without being overbearing?

-Why am I people-pleasing so much and how do I stop?

-How do I stop feeling jealous and resentful?

-What does it feel like to have peace?

-How do I listen to my intuition?

-What does it look like to stop worrying about what people think and how do I do that?

-How can I stop feeling stuck?

-Why am I so afraid to change?

-How do I stay on track every day?

-What does it really mean to stand in my power?

-How do I recognize what my beliefs are so I can work on changing them?


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Let me show you what's possible...

  • Healthy Relationships that are Thriving
  • Knowing and Living your priorities each day 
  • Trusting your intuition like never before 
  • Being surrounded by people  that "get" you and cheer you on
  • You feel powerful, confident, and supported
  • More peace, fulfillment, and gratitude
  • Saying yes to only the things that light you up 
  • A life change that is lasting and continuous because of the ongoing support


Imagine how it would feel to...

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Quit Playing Small...stop hiding and step into the next-level YOU by becoming solution focused

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Develop Unwavering Confidence... in your strengths, intuition, abilities, and dreams 

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Be Authentically You...use your voice, lead yourself well, and be firmly rooted in who you are.

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You deserve a circle of supportive, safe, like-minded women who are committed to living a Big Life, on their terms.



Real Life Stories...

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Are you ready to join us?



Here's how it all shakes out...

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The Circle Experience includes...


Weekly Connection

Each week there are multiple opportunities for ongoing connection, learning, and support.


Exclusive Facebook Community for Circle Members

A safe space for sharing, encouragement, and support.


Two Live Teaching Sessions Each Month 

Direct Teaching from Bethany and a Guest Expert Session every month.


Monthly Group Zoom Connection Call

For Q&A, Topic Discussion, Celebrating our Wins, Coaching, and Brainstorming.



Questions and sharing inside the Circle group to keep you moving forward. 


1:1 Coaching Hot Seat 

Each month, the topic is announced and Circle members have the opportunity to apply to receive a coaching session with Bethany that is done inside the private Facebook Group.


24/7 Access to All Circle Recordings 

The Circle Membership Community has a portal inside where all recordings, teachings, and resources are housed. When you become a Circle member, you get access to the entire library. 


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The Circle Membership is for You If..

  • You are ready to implement what you know in a way that works for you
  • You want serious results in your relationships, finances, or health
  • You are ready to give up patterns that no longer serve you and do the inner work necessary to move forward
  • You are seeking a group of like-minded women that will support you and your Big Life
  • You believe in collaboration over competition
  • It's a priority for you to get to the end of your life and know that you played full-out
  • You are open, kind, coachable, and ready for massive change
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Here's what you get when you join.

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Instant access to the Circle Membership Portal 
 (value = $2997)

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Access to all previous teachings, sessions, and resources.

 (value = $997)

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Private invitation to the Circle Community of like-minded and supportive women 

(value = $597) 

Circle Membership


Monthly Payments

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Hey there, I'm Bethany, your Big Life coach & advisor

Over a decade ago I was hit with an epiphany. I was and had been living a life, not of my own design. Without realizing it, I found myself living the life others expected of me. The reality? I had no idea what I wanted. None. 
I began a quest for self-discovery. By doing the inner work in areas of belief, mindset, emotional intelligence, energetic alignment, and spiritual connection, I was able to completely revamp my life. I moved from hustling and forcing to aligned and clear. My life today looks nothing like it did a decade ago.
I stopped asking for others' opinions to direct my life and began listening to myself. I rediscovered my true passions (they had been there all along). I obtained dual certification as a coach, took my speaking to an international level, and began making plans to leave my six-figure corporate job. My family and I started to dream together. We sat down and wrote out what we wanted our Big Life to look like and then started taking steps to get there. We put our dream home on the market and sold most everything else we owned, bought a motorhome, and traveled the US. Our teens chose the journey and we focused on things that mattered to us.
Today, we live in a small cabin on a beautiful lake in NW Wisconsin and are remodeling other cabins on the same property to have as short-term rentals with additional retreat space. We travel regularly (now that the world is opening back up) and I get to live out my passion by helping others live out their Big Life on their terms every day.
My commitment to you is to love you and challenge your thinking all at the same time. The women inside my programs are special and I can't wait to see you theređź’—.


Good, because there's something I need to tell you.

You are capable of creating a life where you are excited to wake up every morning. A life where you trust that you are exactly where you are supposed to be and embrace the belief that everything happens for you. A life where you are learning and growing. A life where you live out your priorities. A life where you truly live big, on your terms. It is possible for you🎇Lets do this!


Frequently Asked Questions

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