I'm a Leader of Rebellions who is also a Mindset Coach/Speaker, wife to Tom, and Mom to two teens (Gwen & Gavin) I love meaningful conversations with a warm cup of coffee. I can't ever say no to a piece of good sharp cheddar cheese and have a strong weakness for inspirational coffee mugs, t-shirts, and cute shoes.  In the summer, you will find me floating on the lake as much as possible! 

I help entrepreneurs and leaders stop forcing, hustling, and striving so they can run an aligned business (and life) that feels easy and is 100% on their terms! 

My clients have called my approach“in-your-face love”  and I totally let that in. I will tell you the truth, even when it's hard. My coaching style is a combination of intentional questions that offer introspection, leading to perspective shifts with mentoring and teaching. I help you stop the force and hustle so you can do the things that set your soul on fire. I am not for everyone and that is exactly how it should be. We should all surround ourselves with people who celebrate us...not tolerate us.

In my Senior Living career, I built, led, and mentored teams in multiple locations, developed and led trainings, created marketing initiatives, and created operational policies. I loved helping people learn and grow. I utilize all of my corporate leadership experience in combination with my dual coaching certification to help my clients know who they are, what they want and trust themselves so they take consistent action and create a life on their own terms.

In my entrepreneurial journey, I have walked through the feeling of forcing someone else's strategy into my business because I didn't trust my intuition. In my early stages, I felt stuck, frustrated, and was hustling so hard to make things happen. If you are in this place of forcing....we need to chat.

This is where I give you a list of some of the places I have shared my story to show you I am the real deal (I am, really)...

🎤 Unapologetically You Conference
🎤 Youth LAUNCH Leadership Conference
🎤 John Maxwell International Certification Stage Time Event
🎤 Come as You Are Women's Retreat
🎤 Clarity in 2020 Retreat 
🎤 Entrepreneurs Rise Up Summit

I am the creator of the Shift Intensive 7-Day Minicourse, Big Life U Growth & Coaching Program, and the Dialed IN! podcast.

I love creating programs and products that work. We were designed to be in community and inside my group programs, my clients find real connection, accountability, and a safe space to create their business on their terms!

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