Those were the words I heard over and over again from seniors I helped as they neared the end of their life.

What came after the BUT were the dreams and desires they never fulfilled. They talked about the things they wished they had done, the life they wish they would have lived. 

I found it puzzling because these were ‘successful’ people. 

They were results-driven, high-achievers who were not afraid to hustle.
They were passionate difference-makers who had accomplished great things.
They were the people who other people were jealous of.

Yet over and over again they kept saying

I wish I would have…

But why?

You would think these types of individuals were the ones that would live life on their terms.
Yet most of them lived a life dictated by society.

And for most of my life I was living society’s prescribed life. 

I had checked all the boxes on the things that society said would make me happy.

☑️ Stable Job
☑️ Nice Home
☑️ Great Family
☑️ Beautiful things
☑️ Money in the bank

I had a good life but… something was missing.

• I felt guilty for thinking about wanting more because that would mean I was ungrateful for what I had.
• I felt shame for considering doing things that I wanted to do because that would mean I was being selfish. 
• I felt unfulfilled even though on the outside it looked like I was killing it...yet on the inside, the hustle was killing me.

I knew there had to be more.

I didn't want to end up spending my last days dreaming of what my life could have been. 

So I took action and worked with a coach who helped me realize what a life on my terms looked like. I got clear on my values and priorities and learned how to create a life built around them. When I began working on myself, everything around me changed. I began to see the world differently because my beliefs about myself and the world changed.

Prior to this journey, I was so busy being busy that I had never taken the time to determine what I wanted my life to look like. I was simply listening to what society, my parents, and the influential people in my life had told me I 'should' do. 

I decided to become a certified coach, leave my corporate job and sell everything I owned. My husband Tom, two teenagers Gwen & Gavin, and I packed up and traveled the US in a motorhome for about a year. We now live in the Northwoods of Wisconsin on a multi-cabin property on a beautiful lake that we are renovating for short-term rentals and retreats.

Today, I'm doing what I LOVE!

My mission is to help as many results-driven, high achievers ditch the forcing and shoulding in their lives and live big.  I help you get clear about what you want, get real about what needs to change, and get going in the direction of a live life on your terms.
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